Address: Lomonosovsky district - industrial area 'Gorelovo' quarter 5 - Volkhonskoe highway - bld. 2a, 198323 - Leningrad region
City: St. Petersburg
Country: Russia
Phone: +7 812 3326700
Fax: +7 812 3326701
Website: www.ahlers.com
Company Info:

We offer services in four areas:
• Project logistics
• Warehousing with value added services
• Data analytics
• Trade facilitation

With 30 offices on 3 continents we can provide experienced logistics experts all around the world.
We have expertise in the steel, tobacco, oil and gas, chemicals and consumer goods industries.
Ahlers has an annual turnover of € 205 million and employs 850 staff.
We have experienced professionals, proven systems, and follow industry best practices to design the logistics solutions that make our clients successful.

Services: Customs Brokerage, Warehousing, Road Transport, Project Logistics, Others
Contact Name: Gleb Pozhemetskij
Direct Phone: +7 812 3326700, ext. 2030
Mobile: +7 921 1876058
Email: Gleb.Pozhemetskij@ru.ahlers.com