Address: Edingensesteenweg 196
City: Halle, 1500
Country: Belgium
Phone: +32 2 3601040
Fax: +32 2 3600207
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What we believe in:
We believe that by supporting our customers and by sharing our expertise we can grow together as partners, based on mutual trust. We therefore offer them, not only a worry-free service in ordering and shipping of our products, but we also offer our expertise in retail to make you successful.

Our expertise:
All of our brands have a proven track record. We know how to sell them and we know how we can support our customers in selling them. With our brands and our products, we want to create a true added value, we consciously create and choose products which are made with respect for people, animals and the environment.

With over 90 years of experience in retail we know how the industry works, we know how to market and sell products and we know what has to be done to be successful. Sustainable business is in our DNA. We have always aimed to create added value for people and the environment through our commercial activities. These beliefs are our foundation and has lead us where we are today, a leading retailer with an impeccable reputation.

Our strong points:
• We offer strong brands and products of the best quality
• We strive for long-term partnerships based on trust
• Extensive expertise and go-to-market support at the service of our customers
• We focus on a fast & efficient “all-in” import service
• Possibility to order small quantities and assemble mixed container shipments
• Multi-language Colex staff helping you in every possible way
• All-in quotations to avoid surprises or unexpected costs

Services: Others
Contact Name: Els Bortels
Direct Phone: +32 2 3635452
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All of our brands have a proven track record and all of the products are produced exclusively for the Colruyt Group.
• We produce and distribute both food and non-food
• Our product range is large and can fill in every need in your offering
• We deliver European quality

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The house brand Everyday offers an accessible basic selection of quality products. Everyday ensures a contemporary and positive budget-friendly shopping experience.

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With a complete range of more than 600 products, Everyday has everything customers need on a daily basis. You can find Everyday has both food and non-food products. This house brand consists of, among other things, milk, coffee, jam, biscuits, and soft drinks, but also batteries, kitchen towels, office supplies, and even printer paper and toner.

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Boni Selection has an extensive range of products with an excellent price-quality ratio that will make life simpler.
After all, the recognisable packaging ensures that the products can easily be find on the shelves

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In the selection and development of Boni Selection products, there is a special focus on four important aspects. They have to be sustainable and respect people, animals, and the environment. In addition, we make our products as healthy and nutritious as possible, without losing any of their taste. Moreover, when you buy our products you buy impeccable quality in attractive, informative packaging.
With Boni Selection, you get value for your money.