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In a global market place that is dictated by major players goodscare is the alternative source for quality consumer products flexibly targeting major and niche markets around the world.
Our brand portfolio represents quality and innovative products catering to people’s daily needs.
Some brands, especially in the insecticide sector, have a great history of successful distribution.
goodscare is aiming to carry the brands’ spirit and fill them with innovative, modern concepts, designs and marketing strategies.
By sharing our experience and knowledge with our business partners, goodscare is aiming to develop and grow as a brand principal, trading agent and advisor.

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Pest Control is becoming a more and more important issue nowadays with diseases such as the West Nile Virus or Lyme disease endangering the health of an increasing number of people all over the world. Widely known, insects can be the transmitter for dangerous diseases.
So far we were only alert towards these issues when traveling to areas where diseases such as Malaria, Yellow Fever etc. are common. Recent studies though show that diseases transmitted by insects such as mosquitoes and ticks are far more spread. The symptoms of these diseases are often difficult to recognize and a successful treatment can take a very long time.

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In many cases a little mosquito bite isn’t more than an annoying itch on your skin, but cases of unpleasant allergic reactions resulting in serious illnesses are drastically increasing. It is therefore wise to choose the right products for efficient pest control to protect your environment.
Most goodscare insecticide products are manufactured in Europe and insure highest quality.
The formulations are carefully evaluated by experienced research and development teams.

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goodscare offers a fine selection of air care products, some with a history of more than 30 years.