Address: Microdistrict Samal-2, H.58 <>, Block G, 12 floor app 97
City: Almaty
Country: Kazachstan
Phone: +32 3 479 19 50 77
Website: www.gosselingroup.eu
Company Info:

Gosselin Kazachstan TOO has offices in Almaty and Astana. Our office in Almaty has been changed from a representative office (since 1992) to an LLP in 2012. It serves as the key office for logistics in the Central-Asian region, covering Uzbekistan, Kyrgystan, Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan – where Gosselin has also offices.

As these countries are landlocked parts of the world ( Almaty is minimum >2500 km from any seaport located) logistics is a very challenging fact and due to the imbalance of import&export there are only few shipping-lines serving the region. For many years we have countered this imbalance by providing our own equipment (shipper’s owned containers) This gives us a competitive advantage over shipping-lines on a lot of routings.

The main transport mode is SEA + RAIL – There are various routings possible. The most common are Riga (or other Baltic ports), Qingdao in China and Poti in Georgia…Bandar-Abbas and others are opening also further.

Trucking – Airfreight and Project shipments (both via railway platforms as oversized trucks) are important activities for our office.

Services: Seafreight, Airfreight, Customs Brokerage, Shipping Agency, Warehousing, Road Transport, Heavy Lift Carrier, Project Logistics, Packing & Removals, NVOCC, Others
Contact Name: Sam Vinikas
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Email: SamV@gosselingroup.eu
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