Address: 52A, Lebuh Enggang, 41150 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan
City: Port Klang
Country: Malaysia
Phone: +60 18 2373990
Company Info:

Metta and their partner's (LKC) self owned logistics equipment are as follows:

1) Land base equipment:
• 30 units of low bed trailer from 2 axles to 7 axles for oversize cargoes delivery
• 6 units of pole trailer for over length cargoes delivery
• 20 sets of haulage trucking for containerize
• 20 units 40ft trailer ranging from 2 axles to 4 axles
• 100 axles of hydraulic multi modular axles trailer (BRAND COMMETTO)
• 30 axles of Self Propel Modular Trailer (SPMT) Brand Super Carrier II

2) Handling equipment:
• Forklift from ranging 3 ton to 20 ton (Total 30 units)
• Mobile crane from ranging 20 tons to 500 tons (Total 25 units)
• Crawler crane from ranging 55 ton to 250 ton (Total 15 units)

3) Warehouse (Storage Facilities):
• 10 Acres open yard located at Westport
• 100,000 SQ FT covershed warehouse at Westport and Port Klang
• Private jetty and dock yard located at Carey Island, total of 20 acres open and cover storage (for consolidation of containerised shipment from Port Klang to Indonesia (Balik Papan and Belawan)

4) Ocean base equipment:
• 12 sets of Barge and Tug ranging from 180FT Length up to 350FT length for barge and 650 horse power to 2,000 horse power tug boat

5) Metta is spelialized also for Project Industrial packings, such as vacuum packing, crate, plywood cases, bundling, palletising etc.

6) Metta is specialized on following:
• Jacking and skidding of machinery
• Crane erection and installation
• Technical advise for transportation and crane
• Project logistics such as tax exemption procedure and temporary application

Services: Seafreight, Airfreight, Customs Brokerage, Shipping Agency, Warehousing, Road Transport, Heavy Lift Carrier, Project Logistics, Packing & Removals, Stevedoring, NVOCC, Others
Contact Name: Johnson Chua
Direct Phone: +60 18 2373990
Mobile: +60 18 2373990