Address: Fruithoflaan 35, bus 5D
City: Berchem, 2600
Country: Belgium
Phone: +32 3 454 44 99
Fax: +32 3 454 44 46
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NIRA BVBA is an international trading company, founded in 1995 in Antwerp, Belgium.
Since it was founded, the company has continuously supplied its clients with high quality steel products and since 2010 – food products under its own private label “Premium”.

Currently, NIRA BVBA has representative offices and personnel in Belgium, China, Bulgaria and Republic of the Congo and its main field of operations is Western and Central Africa.

NIRA recognizes that logistics is a key factor in providing true customer satisfaction. Therefore next to putting a lot of effort into the quality of our products we are also dedicated to making sure the delivery of your export orders are organized in a timely, smooth and efficient way.

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Contact Name: Nasser Mroue
Direct Phone: +32 3 454 44 99
Skype: Skype Me™!
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High quality food products under our own private "Premium" label

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Several other products under our own private "Premium" label

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We provide physical solutions for steel materials and finished steel products.
We can offer market access through our relationships with steel distributors and consumers.
Our experts cover it all.

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